Williams’ or Williams’s?

Williams’ is a singular possessive for the name Williams with an apostrophe at the end as endorsed by AP stylebook. For example, “Tina Williams’ car is in the repair shop.” Another correct singular possessive form for the name Williams” is Williams’s supported by the Chicago Manual of Styles. For instance, “Williams’s garden is well-maintained.”

SingularWilliamsSingular form of the name Williams
PluralWilliamsesPlural form of the name Williams
Singular possessiveWilliams’sSingular possessive form for individual Williams
Singular possessiveWilliams’Another form for singular possessive, sometimes used
Plural possessiveWilliamses’Plural possessive form for the Williams family


  • This form means something belongs to an individual named Williams. is if formed by adding an apostrophe and an ‘S’ at the end of the name.
  • For example,   if you say, “John Williams’s car is parked outside.” (The car belongs to John Williams.)

More examples of the  singular possessive williams’s

  • “Teresa Williams’s dedication to her work is truly admirable.”
  • Williams’s annual holiday tradition is to host a festive dinner.”
  • “David Williams’s expertise in finance is well-recognized.”
  • “The Williams’s decision to renovate their home surprised the neighbors.”
  • “Emily Williams’s leadership skills have greatly contributed to the team’s success.”


  • This form is an alternative, and it is recommended by the Associated Press Stylebook. You add only an apostrophe at the end of the name ‘Williams’
  • It also indicates possession by an individual named Williams. 
  • For instance, Mary Williams’ garden is full of beautiful flowers.” It means the garden belongs to Mary Williams.

More examples of the  singular possessive williams’

  • “Emily Williams’ artwork is on display at the gallery.”
  • “The Williams’ dog is always friendly to visitors.”
  • “Mr. Williams’ office is on the top floor of the building.”
  • “The Williams’ family vacationed in Europe last summer.”
  • “Williams’ car is parked in the driveway.”

Sometimes when the following word begins with ‘s,’ you might want to drop the ‘s’ from Williams’s. Here are more examples:

“The Williams’ summer house is in a serene location.”

“Mrs. Williams’ son is a talented musician.”

“Williams’ special event is scheduled for Saturday.”

“The professor appreciated Mr. Williams’ succinct response.”

“The Williams’ strategy is to save for their children’s education.”


  • This form is used when referring to more than one individual with the surname Williams.
  • For example: “The Williamses are hosting a family reunion.” (Referring to multiple individuals with the last name Williams.)


This form is used to indicate possession by multiple individuals with the surname Williams.

For example:

The Williamses’ house is large.” It means The house belongs to the family or group of individuals with the last name Williams.)

  • The Williamses’ achievements in the field of science are impressive.”
  • The Williamses‘ house is the largest on the block.”

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